Chris Northwood Chris Northwood

Technical Director (2008/09)

Chris has written 8 articles for Nouse

Passing on the baton

It’s all over. 4 years at York, and so much has changed in that 4 years, and so much will continue to change


As any webmaster will know, downtime is evil. It’s too be avoided at all costs. When it happens, you look bad, you lose visitors, and if you’re a commercial entity, advertising revenue

Lies, damn lies and statistics

One thing I’ve talked about in the past with non-Nouse people is how we monitor things, both the Nouse server, and the website itself

The Nouse custom plugins

Before, I’ve promised to release some of the custom plugins we use here at Nouse, and I’ve now gone and got the plugins listed on WordPress’s Extend directory for people to get

Reflecting on Roses

The week leading up to Roses was a big hard job for me and the rest of the development team, but one we accomplished well, matching the amazing work put in by the sports team, the photo team, Anna Bucks and the YSTV team, and everyone else who helped out, who as well as running the coverage and live blog were putting together a newspaper at the same time

A Window to the Past

Tom Scott once famously said that campus as a three-year memory. And he’s right

Looking inside the magic box

Running a website the size of presents a number of challenges, least of all in infrastructure

Photo of the Day – Monday week 9

Langrish YSTV
Photo of the Day; Monday week 9
Nouse Video Editor Anna Bucks films Presidential Candidate Tom Langrish’s 60 Second Manifesto for YSTV
Photo credit: Chris Northwood