Chris Morris

Music Editor (2012/13)

Chris has written 8 articles for Nouse

Maintaining Focus

Sticking to one brand of electronic music has never crossed Sub Focus’ mind. He speaks with Chris Morris about custom-built live shows, spaceship design and writing albums in bedrooms

The Original Handsome Devil

Frank Carter’s career is like no other. The former Gallows and now Pure Love vocalist tells Chris Morris why he thinks he’s a changed man

Album Review: ME – Even The Odd Ones Out

Chris Morris trusts an email from a stranger in this web exclusive, and reviews an album from a band of the same label as The Killers and The Pierces

YO1: A Preview

May 5th sees the return of a bigger, better YO1 Festival. Like a small child excited for Christmas, Nouse Music break down the big names in our first preview for this year’s event.

The Brit Awards 2013 in Review

Music Editors Chris and Isaac bring you a round-up of this years’ The Brit Awards and, in no uncertain terms, offer their two cents on the evening’s events

I’ve never really had a problem with Reading and Leeds, but…

Leeds Festival didn’t sell out last year. Leeds Festival didn’t sell out the year before that, nor the year before…

Building the Fort: The Life of an Emerging Artist

Knox discuss piracy, Electro-Dream Cabin and how technology’s changing listeners’ eclecticism

Calvin Harris – 18 Months: Album Review

The last year-and-a-half saw Calvin Harris score four consecutive Number 2 singles; Chris Morris explores the much-awaited record each of them collectively belong to