Chloe Kent

Film and TV Editor (2016/17)

Chloe has written 39 articles for Nouse

CLASH OF COMMENT: Should the UK hold another general election?

Yes – Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn Theresa May’s “gamble” wasn’t even worthy of the title. With several weeks until a general election…

Redefining the Limits of Men’s Fashion

Chloe Kent laments the lack of flexibility in men’s clothing

All Work and No Play

Chloe Kent and Andrew Young take a look back at the career of cinema’s not-so-dull boy

Clash of Covenant

Opinion remains divided on the sixth addition to the Alien universe

A left that’s divided against itself cannot stand

The left are villainising fellow left-wing figures for single misgivings and allowing their other progressive works to be cast aside

‘Did not attend’ rates for Open Door worry YUSU

The Open Door Team (ODT) have experienced a spike in students failing to attend their appointments. Did not attend (DNA) rates…

Review: Get Out

Get Out makes a political statement out of a genre which usually gets by on little more than blood and guts

Top 5 Films You Might Have Missed

Time to eviscerate the dust from your DVD shelf

Oops… the Oscars Did It Again

1974’s Oscars streaker finally loses the claim to Most Awkward Academy Experience

Vote tabled against Halifax president

The chair of the Halifax College Students Association (HCSA) has been faced with a vote of no confidence by his…

YUSU candidate has campaign posters defaced as results day draws nearer

A number of campaign posters for current Disabled Students’ Officer candidate Sam Linley have been found defaced on campus. Linley…

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Is violence against fascists a serious issue?

YES – Chloe Kent Meet Richard Spencer: figurehead of the alt-right movement, with a haircut snatched straight from the Peaky…