Charlotte Wainwright

Features Editor (2013/14)

Charlotte has written 27 articles for Nouse

Spring shoe parade : the Mule vs the Slingback

Spring is finally upon us, and the beautiful spring sunshine is a perfect excuse for updating your wardrobe with some…

The art of being human

Street photographer Tony Cole talks to George Wood and Charlotte Wainwright about capturing moments of the everyday

“Sorry, no orgies!”

Charlotte Wainwright talks to three members of the FetSoc Committee about reducing the stigma surrounding kink

“Burlesque through a brown lens”

‘Brown Girls Burlesque’ is an all-women-of-colour burlesque troupe. Founder AuroraBoobRealis talks to Charlotte Wainwright about the empowerment, sensuality and joy that burlesque has given her

Winter Wonderland

Christmas came to campus this weekend as RAG hosted its annual Winter Wonderland in The Courtyard on Sunday 1st December

Nouse’s Best Albums of 2013

2013 saw many things, including the death of Margaret Thatcher, the ‘Iron Lady’, the birth of a future king and Miley Cyrus breaking the internet. But the music released this year was phenomenal as well. Nouse’s writers take you through some of the albums that shaped 2013

By Exquisite Design

Designer Sonia Mugabo talks to Charlotte Wainwright about working within Rwanda’s flourishing fashion scene

Q&A with Adam Boulton

Political Editor for Sky News answers questions from Charlotte Wainwright

College elections 2013

Full coverage of this year’s student association and JCRC election hustings

Live Review: Bowling For Soup

Charlotte Wainwright and Luke Price were there to say goodbye to the “band you can wave to” in their Farewell UK tour

What do you get when you mix Lady Gaga, the Sex Pistols and human breast milk?

Ice cream aficionado Matt O’Connor certainly knows how to whip up a storm. Charlotte Wainwright found out more

My life as a jungle warrior

Thought you had an exciting summer? Before he came to York, Yu Neng was conscripted for 2 years, drove tanks, and learnt how to build bombs. Charlotte Wainwright hears his remarkable story