Celia Scruby

Celia has written 36 articles for Nouse

Review: Woman in Black

Celia Scruby reviews the thrilling play Woman in Black

Review: Les Misérables

Les Miserables without the music. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Celia Scruby finds the outcome to be quite the reverse

Illuminating York’s Wonderland

Comedian Vic Reeves showcases his talent as an emerging artist as part of Illuminating York. Celia Scruby investigates

Struggle for student housing applications

The council are making it harder for private landlords to get planning permission to legally permit students to live in their houses.
The moves have been made, amongst other reasons, in response to an increase in complaints against a number of students from residents living in areas such as Tang Hall, Badger Hill and Fulford

In Pictures: Illuminating York

In Pictures: Illuminating York

Review: Othello

With Othello being one of Shakespeare’s most revered creations, the producer of York’s latest interpretation of the play had the chance to do something new with it. Sadly, France’s production did not take this opportunity, leaving reviewers Celia Scruby and Mary O’Connor wholly underwhelmed

Review: Death Trap

Death trap is a play, that although is similar to a blockbuster thriller, ultimately should not be taken too seriously, says Celia Scruby

Deputy Editor’s Picks.

Prison Fictions and Beluah are this week’s picks

Stags and Hens

Whilst the acting of ‘Stags and Hens’ was commendable, the plot’s lack of momentum failed to make the piece stand out

Discovering Culture in Olympic Stadia

The exhibition curator of the Soane Museum, Dr Jerzy Kierkuc-Bielinski speaks to Celia Scruby about his up-coming summer exhibition Stadia: Sport and Vision in Architecture

Disabled student facilities placed on top floor

Concerns have been raised regarding the disabled facilities in the new Langwith buildings on the Heslington East campus


An uplifting performance punctuated with comedy, Pygmalion exposes the obvious tensions and unexpected similarities between classes in the late 19th century