Camilla Jenkins

Muse Editor (2009/10)

Camilla has written 65 articles for Nouse

Camilla Jenkins investigates: The daily grind

A very wise man (the Chief in Grey’s Anatomy – where I get all my top tips) explained to success-thirsty young interns that life was a marathon and, at the end of it, you don’t care if you win or lose, you’ll just be glad you survived

Camilla Jenkins investigates: New York

We’ve all heard the stories about the streets of New York being paved with gold. When I first arrived at the ripe old age of four, I thought they were true. Considering, in the early 90s, the streets were more likely littered with used condoms and dirty needles, my naivety was admirable

Camilla Jenkins investigates: The London highlife

There are certain topics that we who have been foolishly endowed with newspaper space feel we have to comment on. I too was planning to hop on this media-bandwagon with a scintillating piece on revision pet peeves but it was not meant to be

Camilla Jenkins Investigates: The library

For reasons I can’t quite remember, I found myself in the super-silent bit of the library at about 11:00pm. You know the one. There, I came across a pyjama-clad boy, curled up in the corner, frantically clutching Kant’s Critique of Pratical Reason, tear marks staining his face

Camilla Jenkins Investigates: Yorkshire Emergency Services

During my time at university, I have put the emergency services provided by the good men and women of Yorkshire to test many a time. This is partially due to a certain penchant for drama (shocking I know), but also due to the fatalistic attitude that develops amongst children of the 9/11 generation

Camilla Jenkins Investigates: TV medical dramas

Picture this: a 747 Boeing 35,000 feet up. An announcement comes over the loudspeaker: “if anyone is a doctor or has medical training, please make yourself known to the cabin crew”. I stride confidently into the galley where a man is collapsed on the floor

Camilla Jenkins Investigates: the Thanksgiving hype

Camilla Jenkins Investigates: the Thanksgiving hype

Politician gone rogue?

Just when the media had him typecast as a political flipflopper, John Bercow gave up party affiliations. Camilla Jenkins and Liv Evans talk to the new Speaker of the House of Commons to find out whether he’s as unpredictable as they say

Camilla Jenkins

To quote the infamous MJ: “this is it.” Nine editions, three supplements, countless photo shoots, an NUS nomination and now it’s over. That is not to mention the numerous tears, exhaustion and angry words that come with working in a high pressured environment

Halloween by numbers

Halloween by numbers

MUSE: 26 October 2010

Never ones to leave a party without the appropriately dramatic exit, we saw no reason why this edition should be anything less than spectacular

Camilla Jenkins

One of the advantages of York starting ridiculously late is that we have a good, long time to get used to that back-to-school feeling