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Thinking Inside the Box

The ending of a long-running television programme like Desperate Housewives usually leaves me in a brief panic about how I…

Thinking Inside the Box

People often refer to their mobile phones as an ex- tra limb. Mine is like a vital organ. Last week…

Thinking Inside the Box

Some things are just surreal. For instance, I am a fan of both Dolly Parton and hip hop. So never…

Thinking Inside the Box

There are many times when ‘bigger equals better’. When you make too much brownie mix and have to make a dozen extra ones. When you get an unexpected upgrade from a single to double bed. When you buy the March or September issues of fashion magazines

Thinking Inside the Box

I loathe myself for even slightly liking Zooey Deschanel. Or more precisely, her character Jess in the US hit series, New Girl

Thinking inside the box

I have a wrinkle. Actually, two wrinkles – one for each decade I have been alive. Apparently women start losing their looks at 28 (or so once said a study in the Daily Mail)…

Thinking inside the box

Joey Essex coming to York was to be the highlight of my TV loving 2k11. And the chance to play some sort of game with him on stage?

Thinking inside the box

Marry Watchdog and The Magician’s Code and the resulting televisual offspring is The Real Hustle

Camilla Apcar: Thinking Inside the Box

Some scenes are created for entertainment purposes” – a disclaimer of sheer honesty, a symphony of orchestrated situations to my…

University sacrifices: choosing between the first or the fun

The initial realisation that it was unlikely that I would be getting a first class degree was one of despair

The One With The Real End Of An Era

The end of the Friends era, Camilla Apcar thought, was in 2005. An additional seven years of Channel Four reruns proved her wrong

First ‘Live and Loud’ acts announced

YUSU have announced the first two acts for this year’s Freshers Ball as DJ Fresh and Rizzle Kicks