Callum Elliot

Callum has written 6 articles for Nouse

Is UKIP really a racist party?

Callum Elliot explains why we shouldn’t be so quick to mark UKIP as racist

Midnight Run: the glamour of Singapore

As Vettel takes pole once more, Callum Elliot takes a moment to absorb the magic of the Marina Bay circuit in Singapore

Let freedom ring

Callum Elliot argues that there’s a long way to go in the fight for racial equality

Student Unions need to tackle local issues

Callum Elliot argues that before Student Unions can have any real national credibility they need to prove that they can solve issues at a local level

Without hope and home

Whilst York remains one of Britain’s most affluent places, homelessness is still a problem. Callum Elliot looks at what we can do to alleviate the problem here and across Britain

Is the UK a representative democracy?

The UK claims to be a democracy which is based on representation. Callum Elliot assesses whether this claim is true, or if it is a myth