Callum Adams

Callum has written 12 articles for Nouse

Islamic takeover: Another mishap for Gove?

In the last month there’s been a great deal in the media concerning the alleged ‘Islamification’ of schools in Birmingham.…

Printing credits shouldn’t be expected

Demands for free printing credits ignore the environmental impact of producing all those documents

Voter apathy demands a solution

The introduction of compuslory voting is the way to tackle the problem of political apathy among students

Nick Clegg endorses EU benefit changes

Politicians of all parties are becoming tougher on EU migrants claiming benefits

Review: YUSU Comedy Night

Callum Adams reviews the return of YUSU’s popular Comedy Night

Do donations damage democracy?

With UKIP set to receive potentially unlimited funds from a self-proclaimed eurosceptic, ramifications have emerged. The real issue, though, is…

Coming of age

Rather than abolishing an age of consent, I agree with Ashton that the age should be lowered to 15. By lowering the age we will come more into line with Germany and France, who specify the age of consent at 14 and 15 respectively

A Superhero’s Guide to Citizen’s Arrest

Earlier this week, a group that included people dressed as Batman, Robin, David Hasselhoff, and a Smurf, tackled and detained…

Will our Climate Change?

Callum Adams argues that current emission trends show that a CO2-neutral world may be a possibility

Occupy: Bigger than Wall Street

Callum Adams talks to a member of Occupy about what they stand for and what they hope to acheive

Quotas for women

Force the change that is necessary to create stable, consistent equality, and then we can remove the quotas and employ those on true merit to represent both men and women properly in society

Yet another Immigration Act

Home Secretary Theresa May believes that the government’s latest brainchild, the Immigration Bill, will make it harder for illegal immigrants to settle in the United Kingdom