Caitlin Killen

Caitlin has written 10 articles for Nouse

Human minds control mouse genes

LED lights which could be switched on by human brainwaves were implanted in mice with light-sensitive genes

Everything you never wanted to know about eating insects

Does the idea of eating insects bug you? As the World’s population creeps towards 8 billion, keeping away from insect-eating is getting harder than ever

Fearful To Cheerful

Scientists rewrite bad memories in mice with a flash of light

The Dangers of Alternative Meds

Are alternative medicines having a detrimental effect on public acceptance and use of modern medicines?

Introducing the Mystery Inc. of the immune system

Caitlin Killen discusses synthetic genes and their promising role in unveiling the flaws in HIV disguise

5 Animals you didn’t know were dangerous

If you go down to the woods today…

Depression linked to cellular ageing

Researchers working in the Netherlands have found that suffering from a major depressive disorder can cause your cells to age faster

A brighter prognosis for HIV and AIDS sufferers

Decreasing rates of new HIV infections and AIDS related deaths gives hope to millions

Badger cull update

Following up on the recent badger cull

A future for GM crops

The debate over whether genetically modified crops should be grown commercially or not has raged on for years