Bob Higson

Bob has written 6 articles for Nouse

Bold Havana: city of salsa and socialism

Our man in Havana, Bob Higson, explores the idiosyncracies of local culture and uncovers the gritty underbelly of a city still struggling to define itself post-revolution

Your introduction to York

Now you’ve committed to at least three years at York, Bob Higson explains how to get the most out of it.

First and foremost – welcome freshers! Congratulations on getting into this fine university. No doubt you’ve been excited about this moment, losing days of sleep over the prospect of the Vengaboys gracing our fair campus

A religious foray into science

Intelligent design theory is now taught alongside evolution in science lessons. Bob Higson considers the implications of allowing religion into scientific theory

Evolution and Creationism have long been pitted against one another, crudely categorised as science battling against faith or simply ‘God vs Science’. The issue is a source of contention, particularly with regards to what should be taught in schools. Does Creationism belong in the religious studies classroom or in the science lab alongside the theory of evolution by natural selection?

Abduction, torture, interrogation: My Journey to Guantanamo

The US military base Guantanamo Bay has long faced allegations of torture and abuse. Bobby Higson talks to former detainee…

Room for the night? The hidden homeless

Despite the affluence of York, shelters for those without a bed for the night are struggling to cope, as Bobby…

Brown: Lone Triumph

Air rage, arrogance and changing the world: Ian Brown remains as influential as ever as Bobby Higson found out when he met up with the living legend himself.

March, 1989: four lads from Manchester, the Stone Roses, have just released their eponymous debut album. It’s going to be well received; they already know this. On this album are eleven songs of guitar pop mastery that will herald a new dawn in British popular music and, as such, it’s pretty damn good