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Deputy Editor (2016)
News Editor (2015/16)

Ben has written 35 articles for Nouse

British Liberals: your country needs you

Forget Brexit, the time has come for Liberal Democrats to take the moderate centre ground and make it radical. To save Britain from a shambolic government, and a dangerous opposition, argues Ben Rowden

Calling all liberals: it’s time to change our ways

If we don’t stop insulting our opponents and sweeping ideas we dislike under the rug, liberalism will remain the politics of the elite

Berlin: a city which keeps on fighting back

“Wer will dass die welt so bleibt, der will nicht das sie bleibt”. Those were the words of the German…

Universities to be required to sponsor failing schools

The government has recently announced that universities will have to help failing schools, if they are to be able to…

Concern raised over welfare provision at York after college tutors’ hours cut

Major concerns have been voiced over the changes to the college tutor system and the increasingly involved role that STYCs…

Coffee Shop Talks

…in which Ben Rowden fails spectacularly to talk about coffee

Wentworth sends good quality items to landfill

Wentworth College leaves large amounts of waste outside building

York St John students ‘threw dead pigeon’ at freshers

Eyewitnesses state a dead pigeon is thrown at Halifax students

£500,000 invested in mental health will “keep down waits”

University is looking to invest more money into mental health provision

Porters say Vanbrugh relocation “makes no sense”

Students have expressed their dissatisfaction as Vanbrugh Porters move to Information Centre

GSA rebrand leaves bulk merch left over

The GSA gave away a large amount of merchandise to make way for rebranded items

Freshers walk out of sexual consent talk after activist encourages boycott

A quarter of first years chose to leave the first ever talk at York