Ben Poole

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A Long Way Down, Nick Hornby

This paperback edition of Hornby’s latest has been seasonally released in a Christmas edition, no doubt in consideration of the novel’s gently life-affirming aspirations. Sadly for fans of his novels, this barely approaches the poignant heights of Fever Pitch or High Fidelity, as it is what could only be described as a poor cousin of the film, It’s a Wonderful Life (albeit with a smidgen more gritty London-based realism, and a marginally less triumphant ending)

The Possibility of an Island, Michel Houellebecq

Anyone who read Atomised will remember that Houllebecq is a man ill at ease with Western society, as opposed to the intellectual left as to consumerism. Possibility of an Island, thematically similar in another quirky format, alternatively follows the life of a narcissistic comedian, and those of his cloned sons 2000 years later, living isolated, emotionless lives in a bleak, post-human future

Inside Out: A personal History of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason

As the only member of Pink Floyd present from their psychedelic noodler beginnings through to their recent high point at Live 8, drummer Nick Mason is well qualified to write the Personal History of Pink Floyd. This new paperback version doesn’t disappoint; Floyd’s original sound set ups are comprehensively described, perhaps to the point of tedium for non-musicians. Mason’s unique anecdotes add an exclusive personal touch, although, you won’t find details of the internal conflicts that hampered the band. Nor does Mason’s style ever really portray the excitement which the band must surely have felt during their meteoric rise