Ben Martin

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The uneasy metropolis

Scratching Mumbai’s surface, Ben Martin finds its decaying slums bustling and alive

Amnesty and apathy

Bearing badges is simply not enough

All of us have a wealth of good intentions: it’s only natural for the young and aspirant to want to do some good. Turning altruism into action is, however, another matter entirely, with the best laid plans to ‘make a difference’ falling foul to essays, Facebook and the irresistable lure of daytime television

Shooting themselves in the foot

FreeSoc’s brand of anarchism might make a lot of racket, but it won’t change the world, or our insatiable appetite for killing

FreeSoc break into Heslington Hall during a recruitment presentation hosted by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, a Government agency responsible for military technology. They make a racket and throw cake around: an unmitigated triumph for ethical and human-rights conscious students

Spying on students leads to disintegration of community

In a document leaked from the Department for Education, outlining plans for university lecturers to help in the fight against Islamic extremism, Jack Straw announces his distaste for the Muslim niquab and there are riots in Windsor over plans to build a mosque; October has indeed been a dark month for Britain’s celebrated multiculturalism