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All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

Adam Curtis’ latest three-part series proves itself to marry his experience in television and as an Oxford politics tutor to craft deep political stories

Facing crossroads in Cairo

While embassies and corporations begin preparations to remove citizens and foreign workers from Egyptian soil, journalists and cameras flood to the streets of Cairo

Housing issues do not excuse abandoning student parents

The University must make more of an effort to cater for mature student families who wish to enter into higher education

Student surveys can make for uncomfortable reading

What we are so often missing is any kind of personalised picture of our university; a ‘state of the union’

Tim Ngwena’s Twitter as seen by Ben Gascoyne

Tim Ngwena’s Twitter as seen by Ben Gascoyne

Protecting a local business will prove profitable for all

Supporting the underdog will save students money as well as allowing a struggling local business the chance to thrive right here in York

Tim Ngwena’s Twitter as seen by Ben Gascoyne

Tim Ngwena’s Twitter as seen by Ben Gascoyne

The harshness of modern youth

As amusing as much of the commentary on A Level results day was, a plethora of comedians and bloggers getting plenty of laughs out of the fact that the papers and TV cameras have a unhealthy focus on the ecstatic and leaping pretty blonde girls who’re off to climb the social mobility ladder at Oxbridge, it did mask what was actually a thoroughly bad day for many of the most vulnerable people our society has

Should private ownership be a public issue?

Britain has some of the strongest gun legislation in the world. Ben Gascoyne asks whether laws designed to protect the public have gone too far?

Scottish solutions

Uncomfortable with the idea that not everyone might adore them, the many student politicians of the NUS have maintained an active policy over the last few years to try and integrate students and universities into the local communities in which they reside

Tim Ngwena’s iPad as seen by Ben Gascoyne

Tim Ngwena’s iPad as seen by Ben Gascoyne

Gender equality needs to be solved at a national level

While the University must solve its gender difficulties, we must also address our institutional issues at a national level to see true progress