Bella Foxwell Bella Foxwell

Deputy Features Editor (2011/12)

Bella has written 10 articles for Nouse

PETA, Press and Publicity

Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA talks to Bella Foxwell about foie gras, vegetarianism and animal testing in the army

License to Kill

Damien Mander talks to Bella Foxwell about hunting poachers with the latest drone technology

The Original Freshers

Has Freshers week at York always been the same? Bella Foxwell talks to the trendsetting freshers of the 60s to find out

USA gun control: the culture needs to change

Making new rules for cinemas is neither here nor there, because although this was Holmes’ place of choice to wreak havoc, it could have been anywhere

From Stadium to Street

Francesca Strange talks to Bella Foxwell, about her role as a Young Leader and the other teenagers bringing Olympic spirit to their communities

The Price of Talent

Britain’s Got Talent draws audiences in the tens of millions, but at what cost? Bella Foxwell investigates

What Poppy did next

Poppy Dinsey, founder of What I Wore Today, talks to Bella Foxwell about what it takes to make an impact on the blogosphere

The Real Black Swan

Dancers from the English National Ballet talk to Bella Foxwell and set the record straight about the enigmatic world of ballet

Under a supermodel’s skin

Therese Kerr, mother of super model Miranda Kerr talks about her passion for organic skincare

A beautiful, invisible truth

It affects more people than we realise and seems to go hand in hand with intellectual brilliance. Bella Foxwell discovers what life is like living with Asperger’s