Becky Mitchell

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A balancing act

Rachel Ringstead and Becky Mitchell look into the reality of celebrity health fads and ask if we really can cheat our way to good health these days

It seems that as well as becoming a fat nation, Britain is paradoxically the land of ‘well-being’ crazes. From the hype detoxing, to Atkins, the GI diet and Yoga, the media is full of popular, alternative health concepts that promise to instantly transform the way that we look and feel, in exchange for only a minimum investment of time and effort

Gambling in suits: stocks and shares

To some, stocks and shares evoke images of yuppies in flash striped suits barking into a mobile phone. To others, it will signal a way of life; the road to their first weighty pay cheque, but to most of us, stocks and shares will mean very little indeed, if anything at all.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. The stock market can actually not only become a fun, new form of legal gambling but, if properly understood, could be the ticket to picking up a hefty financial reward in the process

Getting more bang for your buck

Does gambling really deserve its bad reputation? Becky Mitchell looks at both sides of the coin in this growing phenomenon

Poker, blackjack, roulette, you name it, gambling has made a pretty impressive comeback. Forget the bright lights of distant Las Vegas; with the rise of the Internet, gambling has now moved into the closer confines of the home and more worryingly into the bedrooms of a growing number of students

Growing Poker Soc told not to gamble anymore by YUSU

CAMPUS POKER SOCIETY have suffered in the student union clamp down on university regulations for gambling, at a time when they have recruited record numbers to their ranks

Affordable fashions for the autumn season

There was a time when fashion meant expensive. Now it seems it’s all about how little you can spend. With the rise of Primark, Topshop and even supermarkets getting in on the bargain catwalk trends, it seems that a day has dawned where us mere mortals can emulate the catwalk without the need of an aging sugar daddy

Uncovering the freshers myths

The best week of your life? The wildest 7 days known to man? Becky Mitchell dispels the hyperbole and reveals the sensible way to approach fresher’s week whilst retaining your dignity

Freshers week has become one of the most notorious events of a student’s life. A week synonymous with drink, fun, irresponsibility and, if you’re lucky, sex

Which block have you got?

College life is a complex business. Colleges not only dictate which choice of hoody you’ll buy from Your Shop, but they will also dictate the type and state of accommodation you’ll be enjoying, or perhaps not enjoying, living in for the next year

Being your own boss before you graduate

Rachel Ringstead and Becky Mitchell talk to York’s student entrepreneurs who share their tricks of the trade and reveal how to go it alone in the cut-throat world of business.

How to get the OC summer style

Summer. Oh how we love it. In typical British style at the first hint of blue sky the girls are out in their short skirts and strappy tops and the boys are shedding those shirts, all revealing a bit more flesh than may seem appropriate, especially when it is of the untoned variety

The new etiquette of sex

Jane Austen knew good sex. To ‘pull’ back then was easy; picking up a partner merely involved having a good pair of child-bearing hips, or some pretty impressive sideburns

An expression of manliness

Picture the scene, your male flat mate returns home in a foul mood. He slams his Costcutter lamb vindaloo in the microwave for the obligatory three minutes, slumps in a chair and responds to you cheery calls of “how was labs today”, with a moan reminiscent of the mating call of a warthog. Silence ensues for the next half an hour, occasionally punctuated by the odd grunt and the click of a Carlsberg can being opened

How to get the perfect night’s sleep

Sleep. It should be one of those beautiful words conjuring up images of huge, four poster beds piled with pillows in one of those bedrooms reminiscent of Henry VIII’s days where the bed occupied most of the room. Sleep, next to eating and drinking, is one of the most simple and instinctive needs of all. Yet for the insomniacs amongst us, sleep can become a terrifying and almost unobtainable goal. It can create a vicious and soul destroying cycle of seemingly endless, long, sleepless nights