Beauty Queen

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Beauty Product regrets

For those used to tracking changes in the time via BeautyQueen, I apologise for my dereliction of duty

Special Edition: How to stay young

As children, we’re taught how to behave. We’re told that the world is structured in terms of absolutes; stealing someone’s possessions is wrong and telling the truth is right

Sunday Seven: makeup tips

Imagine my surprise when I learned that, before my parents had children, they had lived a similarly hedonistic lifestyle like my own; lying in bed until noon on weekends and forgoing meals for leftover take-out

The Sunday seven: eye liners

A friend of mine gave me a valuable piece of advice: don’t ask questions you don’t want to hear the answers to

The Sunday seven: shiny new toys

Despite being happily protected by the BQ bubble, I am struck by how much change seems to take place in the month of January for everyone on campus

The Sunday seven: mascara reviews

There are many advantages to being the Beauty Queen. Queens don’t have essay deadlines or exams, you see

Best of blush

Only a few days into the New Year and your Queen is already bored of her resolutions

When she was bad…

After a hard day, even someone as noble as your Queen can succumb to the desire to throw one’s toys out the pram

Winter glamour

My brother once informed me that only tiresome people are ever bored. With this in mind, I have done my best to avoid the inevitable dullness that sets in around Week Five


Now girls, you have displeased your Queen. Who, in the name of all that is pretty and expensive, told boys that we wear false eyelashes?

Red Lipstick

I was once told that you should only marry a man who faints in your presence. I’m not sure whether, in our romance-devout times, that is entirely practical, but I do know that being a woman can be a powerful thing

Product Review: Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation

How many words can one write about foundation? Well, my product orientated friends, let’s find out…