Ashley Hibben

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A British Silicon Valley?

What are the prospects for the next Silicon Valley?

San Francisco: A Tale of Two Cities

San Francisco’s electric dreams: a growing social divide is leading to social tensions. Ashley Hibben investigates

‘The House that Bill Built’: The future of Microsoft

Microsoft’s announcement that founder Bill Gates has stepped down to concentrate on technology does little to quell unease about the company’s ability to face future challenges. Ashley Hibben investigates

Blue sky thinking for Amazon

Ashley Hibben argues that drones could become commonplace in the commerical market

The value of Twitter

How can 140 characters be worth $15bn? Ashley Hibben investigates

BlackBerry: a bad apple?

This week has been a bitter pill to swallow for BlackBerry and its beleaguered executives. On 20 September the company’s…

Speculation heightens on the “deal of the decade” for Vodafone and Verizon

Forget the talk about Michael Dell’s takeover of the eponymous company and Facebook Home, Ashley Hibben argues that this is a deal with potentially eye- watering consequences

Obama administration clashes with oil industry over new rules on fuel emissions

Directly from California, Ashley Hibben reports on the new EPA measures to limit fuel emissions