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Outdoor Society

It’s been a tremendous year for the Outdoor Society so far, with walks going on every weekend, and 2 very…

York Eurovision Society

The Eurovision Song Contest began 57 years ago. Though its reputation has been chequered recently, branded as overtly political and…


This term DramaSoc has seen a lot of new writing and a lot of success. A Slap in the Face…

Fashion Society

The word fashion generates different responses. For some it represents the fad, others: skinny models on the catwalk. For me…

The Unbearable Lightness

An anonymous York student reveals what it is like to live with anorexia, and explains why society needs to address their misconceptions about the disease and sufferers

University of York Opera Society

Work has already begun on our next exciting project; a semi-staged production of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, to be…


Quidditch. Do you remember that? The sport that Harry Potter plays on his broomstick. Well, now you can play it too! That’s right – York University now has its own Muggle Quidditch team

The Israel-Palestine conflict is changing

The latest spate of violence between Israel and Gaza is in many ways just part of the same narrative

Viva Voce

This year, Viva Voce has been spotted dancing with a giant ear and a giant pair of lips on sticks, getting people to decorate cupcakes with a blindfold on and wandering around in Viva Voce hoodies

My Term with the University of York Brass Band

2012 has been a great year so far for UYBB — before term even started, we gathered the old guard…

The West must look at Syria differently

The way the debate on Syria is portrayed in the West is overly simplistic and thus unhelpful. Ignoring the concerns of other countries is dangerous because they are raising legitimate problems

We must come to a peace in Afghanistan

The recent tragic deaths of two more British servicemen in Afghanistan highlighted the precarious situation the British continue to find themselves in Afghanistan