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Video Editor (2008/09)

Anna has written 12 articles for Nouse

Long live technology, but leave literature alone

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a book should be made out of paper, beautifully printed and bound with love

Portering campaign sees all-night sit-in

Campus wide student protests continued on Wednesday, with students occupying the Porters Lodges in Vanbrugh, Langwith and Derwent

YUSU release new ruddy shelducks

Tuesday saw YUSU President Tom Scott fulfil last year’s UGM motion to replace “Golden Duck” Trevor with a pair of ruddy shelducks

mBezel victorious in tightly contested York Apprentice

The Apprentice York 2009 reached its conclusion on Saturday night, as Team mBezel took home the top prize of £1,000 to split between its four members

The Apprentice York 2009 launched

The Apprentice York 2009 launched last night to a champagne reception followed by appearances by several notable speakers

BBC Crimewatch film Claudia reconstruction on campus

The BBC filmed a reconstruction of the disappearance of University chef Claudia Lawrence last night

Amazon censoring books with “adult content”? Feels like the 1950s…

Amazon’s decision last weekend to make their website more “family friendly” can be described as nothing less than a complete balls-up

Voting opens following EGM

Today’s EGM saw speeches from both sides of the ongoing debate about where to hold the Graduation Dinner and Summer Ball. Nouse and YSTV were on scene to capture the highlights

Campus’ response to EGM announcement

As discontent grows about the decision to move the Summer Ball to campus from its traditional Racecourse venue, YSTV and Nouse interview those petitioning against the move decided in Union Council yesterday

Campaigning begins in earnest

With hustings over, and voting week looming, candidates for the upcoming YUSU Elections have moved quickly to secure the attention, and support of students

Divestment campaigners protest Heslington Hall

Students have protested Heslington Hall over the University’s investments in the arms trade

Underage BoB band disqualified

Popular band ‘Hurricane Adam and the Weather Fronts’ have been disqualified from Battle of the Bands