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Inquest into Rob Davies’ death returns open verdict

An inquest into the death of University of York student Robert Davies has delivered an open verdict

Society budgets slashed after ‘closed-door’ YUSU meeting

Campus societies have accused YUSU of “closed-door decision making” after budgets were cut dramatically last term

Rising costs of living to force 40% of students into working part time

Nearly half of all University of York students will be juggling their degrees with part-time work at the start of the 2008/09 academic year, according to a recent survey

Inquest into York student’s death closes

An inquest has heard that a University of York student who was found hanged last November had a history of bulimia and self-harm

Media outlets get budget increase

The funding for campus newspapers looks secure after the provisional YUSU budget has accounted for a larger media allocation

Colleges divided as YUSU begins governance consultation process

College chairs remain divided after a week of arguments with YUSU and each other over the future of union-college relations

View from the colleges

A view from the college JCRC’s

Looking forward to a year of campaigns

The University of York is set to witness a number of student campaigns getting underway over the course of the next year

Government plans for 20 new universities

Up to 20 new university towns will be created under plans to expand higher education in the UK

University condemns Vision article

The University Equal Opportunities Office and YUSU Racial Equality Officers have criticised campus tabloid York Vision for a “highly sensationalist” and “misinformed” article on minority students at the University

Fines for inappropriate rituals

Policy is to be put in place to fine societies and sports teams that include vulgar rituals as part of their initiation ceremonies, according to the University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Students Jane Grenville

YUSU go into final term with a mixed record on manifestos

Nearly a year after being elected, how have the current YUSU sabbatical team managed to deal with the pressures of their jobs and have they fulfilled their promises?