Andy Tallon

Deputy Music Editor (2016/17)

Andy has written 7 articles for Nouse

Quality Not Quantity: Best Small Festivals 2017

Andy Tallon shares his rundown of the summer’s must-see small festivals

Album Review: Zara Larsson – So Good

Andy Tallon says that Zara Larsson’s made a pop record that deserves to rival Ed Sheeran’s chart domination

An effective launchpad for success?

Andy Tallon on the legacy of the BBC Sound Of… poll, and the potential of its latest winner Ray BLK

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The Nouse Music Editors break down their favourite albums of the previous year

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Members of the new Muse team share their favourite gigs of all time

Album Review: Solange – A Seat At The Table

Andy Tallon discusses why unapologetic A Seat At The Table is an instant classic

Gigs of a Lifetime

The Music Team share the best live performances from their gig-going histories