Ana Fletcher

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Royal Armouries goes Japanese

Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu is probably not a name you remember from school history lessons; in fact, you may well never have encountered it before. It hardly rolls off the (Western) tongue, and just getting the spelling right requires more effort than the average student is likely to expend in a day

Big Willy gets a little wiser

Billed as a “celebration of Britain’s greatest comedy double act, Morecambe and Wise”, The Play What I Wrote follows the mishaps of Clive Hayward and Kim Wall (played by actors of the same names) as they attempt to provide an evening of quality theatre to an expectant crowd. Fully aware that it had played in London’s West End to rave reviews, packed theatres, and unrivalled success, it was with excited anticipation that I took my seat at York’s Grand Opera House, ready to be entertained

Suicidal tendencies at 4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis is Sarah Kane’s deeply personal, and relentlessly intense final play. To do it justice requires both an original vision, capable of handling the highly ambiguous script, and acting strong enough to convey the complexities of a mind in the slow process of degeneration. The production put on at the Stagecoach Theatre delivered on all accounts