Amy Shackleton

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The Shambles

For a first impression, the Shambles team should be proud. The potential “cringeworthy” quality of improvised amateur comedy is smothered by an impressive light and sound display and slick organisation

The Gift of the Gorgon

From the start of The Gift of the Gorgon, it is clear that this was a very ambitious play for Dramasoc to attempt. Considering the limited facilities of the Drama Barn, the mind boggles when we consider this play requires (amongst other things) a funeral, the blinding light of a Greek sun, a host of mythological characters clamouring for attention as well as a deus ex machina

On Chesil Beach

Author: Ian McEwan
Rating: * *
McEwan’s novels are often rightly praised for their close and beautiful analysis of human relationships

The count of monte cristo, Alexandre Dumas


The sheer size of this book can understandably be off-putting, but perhaps comfort can be found from the knowledge that the first half is easily one of the most exciting stories to be found in its genre

The Little Friend, Donna Tartt

I’ve never liked the cliché of everyone having “one novel inside them”, but perhaps with Donna Tartt it is true. Her first novel, The Secret History, was stunningly epic with a dark, haunting beauty, tracing the dangers of obsession and passion. Once finished, I had to buy her second book, The Little Friend