Amy Foxton

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Academic & Welfare Officer Amy Foxton

The importance of looking after your sexual health

There are some things people are reluctant to discuss or talk about. Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) probably come fairly high up on the list. And yes, campaigning on sexual health and ordering thousands of condoms is probably the part of my job description I omit when talking to my grandparents

Academic & Welfare Officer Amy Foxton

Take care of yourself during Freshers’ Week

You’ve seen it on Hollyoaks and because York starts ridiculously late you’ve probably heard all about your friends’ experiences, but now your Freshers’ Week is finally here. Amid all the expectation and excitement it’s easy to forget how daunting your first week at uni can be. For every confident gap year student there’s someone else who’s finding it harder than they expected to live away from home for the first time