Amy Blumsom Amy Blumsom

Arts Editor (2013/14)

Amy has written 53 articles for Nouse

Meet the Balletboyz

Amy Blumsom talks to Edward Pearce and Matthew Rees about life with the all-male ballet company

Illusions of the Body

Amy Blumsom talks to Gracie Hagen about the use of photography in influencing modern perceptions of beauty

Review: Don Giovanni

The only downside to this production of Don Giovanni was that it was for one night only. Amy Blumsom reviews

Ask the editors: Vaginal knitting

Self-proclaimed “craftivist” Casey Jenkins’ performance, ‘Casting Off My Womb’, has provoked mixed reactions. But is it art?

Art in a war zone

Amy Blumsom talks to veteran James Toler about the celebration of military grafitti and the expression of freedom

The man with a thousand faces

Amy Blumsom talks to Bryan Lewis Saunders about drugs, prison & self portraits

Ask the Editors: Art School Stole My Virginity

Clayton Pettet has caused a stir in the art world by announcing his plans to lose his virginity on stage. But is it art?

University provides £400,000 to improve VLE and internships

The Senior Management Group has approved the allocation of an additional £400,000 to projects dedicated to enhancing the student experience. Such ventures include an upgrade of the VLE in addition to expanding the digital recording of lectures

When in York

Cultural aficionado Amy Blumsom takes us through York’s best hotspots… By day and night

What the people don’t see

At an average age of 16, it’s easy to dismiss The Strypes as just another boyband. Amy Blumsom finds out why this couldn’t be further from the truth

New College Cup planned

The Vice Chancellor will be awarding a new College Cup from September to reward colleges for performing well across a variety of fields

350 student flats to be built at York Press offices

Plans to build 350 student flats on the site of the York Press offices have been announced