Amber Benbow-Hart

Deputy Arts Editor (2013)

Amber has written 8 articles for Nouse

Singing in the Rain

The Family Rain may define themselves in purely materialistic terms but for them it’s all about the music

Ask the Editors: Art School Stole My Virginity

Clayton Pettet has caused a stir in the art world by announcing his plans to lose his virginity on stage. But is it art?

Review: Romeo and Juliet

“It is very easy to do a bad performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet…Not so for this production”. Amber Benbow-Hart Reviews

Live Review: Jake Bugg

Amber Benbow-Hart is left underwhelmed by the Mercury nominee’s performance in Doncaster

The chastity clothing line that creates victims

The Anti-Rape wear clothing line will only encourage victim blaming and fails to deal with the root of the problem- the rapist

Baking Bad

The sexism is undeniable, but what is even more sexist is that is it Ruby who, in this theorised situation, is criticised for manipulating and seducing with no repercussions on Paul Hollywood

Periods happen… Get over it!

Arvida Byström discusses feminism, femininity and widening the gender binary, with Amber Benbow-Hart

Review: Bed and Breakfast

Humorous, dark… and you get a biscuit. Amber Benbow-Hart reviews