Amadea Ng

Chief Sub-Editor (2012/13)

Amadea has written 12 articles for Nouse

Meatless Monday: Roasted cauliflower with caper vinegarette

Stay seasonal with this simple roasted cauliflower recipe

In Season: All Hail the Kale

Discover a deliciously unusual way to use up that kale in the back of your fridge that your mum bought you at the start of term

A Dangerous Game

The recent E3 conference in Los Angeles saw Sony and Microsoft debut their latest eighth-generation game consoles after nearly seven…

‘I’m a great believer in freedom’

MP for York Outer Julian Sturdy tells Neil Johnston and Amadea Ng why his views on gay marriage, university funding and the drink levy are down to one basic principle

Students face down EDL protest with a cuppa

Bull Lane Mosque opened its doors to a crowd of over 100 turned on Sunday afternoon, after rumours of a rally surfaced on social, also serving tea to the few attendant EDL protesters

Meatless Monday: Soups Galore

Amadea Ng brings a variety of soups to the table to satisfy your veggie fix of the week

Giving you some Xing!

Amadea Ng unearths the food revolution in York, starting with health store Xing

The Recipe: Xing’s Mayalsian Chicken Curry

Try Xing’s very own recipe for scrumptious, easy and healthy Malaysian curry

Meatless Mondays: Vegan roasted banana and chocolate cake

Amadea Ng takes us through a vegan recipe for cake, which will leave you with a beautifully healthy, sinless and yet sticky delight of a bake

Review: A Train Journey to Heaven

With Filmore and Union’s new York Station cafe you can eat heavenly guilt free snacks all the way home. Amadea Ng reviews

Meatless Mondays: Japanese Soba Bowl

We begin our Meatless Mondays with a delicious and simple Japanese recipe. Cheap and healthy to boot

Singapore: A Republic of Eaters

In our first look at international food influences on campus, Amadea Ng talks about the diverse food culture of Singapore