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Deputy Politics Editor (2010/11)

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Elections the start of Egypt’s democracy

The run off between the final two Presidential nominees, the former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik and Mohammad Mursi, will take place with the decision having a very powerful effect on the future of Egypt

Overview: The 2011 UK Party Conferences

The annual party conferences, which were all held in the north of England this year, did not prove to be critical successes in terms of television viewership

Banks focus on the negatives of ring fencing proposals

The publication of over 170 responses from banks, businesses and individuals to the Independent Commission on Banking report came out today, revealing general areas of consensus regarding the reforms of the troubled sector

Greek economic war remains in the balance

We all know great details of the wars occurring in Libya and the Middle East at the moment, however it seems that exposure of a war much closer to home gets only sporadic attention from the national media

Economic gain defies environmental sense

For once the world is concerned that democracy has been served. A large majority of the people in Brazil have had their voices heard, when last week Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies passed a bill that would end protection of most of the Amazon rainforest from deforestation from farmers

MP Johnson visits York

The former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson visited York on Friday for a talk to students, hosted by the York University Labour Club. Whilst he focused on social mobility, Johnson spoke on university tuition fees and the state of the economy

Levene victorious

David Levene continued the sweeping gains for Labour by winning in Heslington. “It’s all still sinking in really but it was a fantastic result, to have a (Council) majority of five is a fantastic achievement for Labour,” he told Nouse on the night

York students active in local politics

A large number of current students were running in the York Council elections. Many students were running to gain experience of political campaigning and representation, such as Lizzie Beardsley in the Guildhall ward

Ascending world food prices sparks inflation

The rising cost of world food prices is set to cause greater concern for worldwide inflation this year

Alarming parallels between shooting incidents

The year is less than 20 days old and the world has witnessed two political shootings in two contrasting political nations, one in the supposed pillar of free democracy in the West, and one in the depths of the conflicting East

Final Nail in Coffin for Italian Prime Minister?

The continued political crisis in Italy has escalated once again after four coalition members resigned, in an attempt to remove Silvio Berlusconi from power

Violence erupts in troubled state of Chechnya

Chechnya returned to it’s violent past last week when Islamic terrorists attacked the republic’s parliament in the capital Grozny