Alex Stevens

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Derwent LGBT reps under threat

Positions which represent minority groups on Derwent’s JCRC are under threat as plans to abolish LGBT and Access positions won a large number of votes at a recent open JCRC meeting

Playboy is not for YUSU

YUSU have vetoed a request from Playboy to allow a day of marketing for a modelling talent search. The SU would have been paid for granting campus advertising rights, but denied the request because the idea was “heterosexist” and “involved the objectification of women.”

B.O.B result in question

The voting system at Battle of the Bands has been called into question after the winners, Clip the Apex, were booed offstage. Apply the Brakes, the favourites to win, and ska outfit Make it Better Later drew in second place, amidst calls for a more representative contest

SU forum overrun

THE YUSU forum website, designed to give prospective students an idea of life at the University of York, has been inundated with links to pornographic websites. The website is moderated by the six sabbatical officers of the YUSU Executive

Student ‘permanently disfigured by bedbugs’ in rented 2Let house

A YORK UNIVERSITY PhD student has been scarred for life after she was attacked by bedbugs which had infested her…

£2m million to York for stem cell research

Cutting-edge research by University scientists has been rewarded with a £2m investment from an American stem cell research company.

The study, which involves identifying the precursor cells of prostate cancer is being conducted by Pro-Cure Therapeutics, a business venture based in the York University Science Park

Anger of students and lecturers as admin cut course module options

The University has plans to implement wide-ranging changes to module choices and assessment which threaten to have a serious effect on the academic welfare of students

Not sincere or flattering at all

It’s a poor man’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’, but instead of millions of dollars, it’s thousands of pounds. For “globetrotting between Manhattan and Paris”, read “A1 and M50 to Bristol via Birmingham”

Costcutter you’ve poisoned us

A packet of Fruit Pastilles for £1.09? Own-brand ham, unblessed by the Matteson’s seal of quality, for £1.59? A packet of pasta (just too much for one, but nowhere near enough for two, of course) for a penny shy of £2.00? A packet of Rizla for 70p and Candy Sticks for 20 pence? You know the answer. Say it together now: Costcutters!

How safe are we on York campus?

The rape that occurred on Retreat Lane only a few days ago has heightened concern for student safety. The University of York is not exactly equated with having an extortionate crime rate; however surely adequate measures must still be taken to ensure the safety of students? Such incidents can occur at any time and in any place but this is all the more reason for maintaining a sound and secure infrastructure