Alex Slingsby

Comment Editor (2012/13)

Alex has written 42 articles for Nouse

Review: Nineteen Eighty-Four

Headlong Theatre’s latest adaptation of Nineteen Eighty-Four brings a powerfully compelling new dimension to Orwell’s classic. Alex Slingsby reviews

Living works of art

Founder of Henna Heals Frances Darwin, talks to Alex Slingsby about reclaiming hair loss

Sorry Vogue, domestic violence will never be fashionable

Vogue have shot themselves in the foot with a cover story glamourising domestic violence

York lecturer among first to have same sex marriage recognised

Professor Celia Kitzinger and her partner Sue Wilkinson will be legally recognised as a married couple as of midnight tonight

Breaking the body image

In recent months, the body image debate has reared its ugly head from the depths of society, ready to snare…

Breaking the #TwitterSilence

Caitlin Moran’s national ‘trolliday’ fails to create the debate and action that Twitter is designed for – we should break the #twittersilence and take positive steps against the trolls

No expenses spared, evidently

Figures obtained on the University’s expenses provide a worrying correlation between the deterioration of campus and the University’s involvement

Sizing up the debate

There are very few women in this world resembling a La Senza mannequin, so why do retail stores insist on sticking to tradition?

Russell up something special

August 2012: The time we made it into the Russell Group. Which was a surprise for me, as I had…

Jumping on the internship bandwagon

Students should start campaigning for paid internships for graduates

Election Night: Audio Interviews

Election night might be over but you can still catch up with the best bits from the night with our audio interviews. Hear what all the big names had to say before and after the results

Where is the welfare?

Are you happy with the welfare services on campus? From Nightline to the University Health Centre, we seem to have it all. And this is true to an extent, but the University’s welfare services haven’t managed to meet student growth over the last few years