Alex Newhouse

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Depp and Dark Chocolate

Alex Newhouse sorts fact from fiction in Johnny Depp’s latest incarnation as Willy Wonka

Roland Emmerich, Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, The Day Afer Tomorrow

If the world was going to end in a Ragnarok-scale snowfall, consuming all in its icy embrace, I’m sure the…

A very British star shuns Hollywood for home

Screen legend Jim Broadbent took time out from an always busy schedule to talk to Alex Newhouse about his career, his passions and his healthy aversion to typecasting

21 Grams

Three highly talented actors, and an intricately fractured time frame characterise what is one of the best films to come…

Starsky & Hutch

I entered the cinema with a feeling of apprehension, knowing that I was to see yet another translation of an…

Wilton’s wisdom

Penelope Wilton visited campus last week to impart valuable knowledge on Pinter, performance and the living dead

Be Reel Quick: Belleville Rendezvous

If any of you missed the excellent Belleville Rendezvous over Christmas, you should be kicking yourselves with frustration at having…


Upon entering the cinema, I suspected that the representations of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes were going to seem two…

The little gold men return

The oscar nominations have been anounced, but Alex Newhouse realises that there’s no prizes for guessing who will come out on top this year

Turning Japanese, Tom?

Cert. 15
Director: Edward Zwick
Starring: Tom Cruise, Billy Connoly, Tony Goldwyn
Runtime: 153 minutes

What you won’t see in 2004

So, what will we not see in the forthcoming year? The tiny vanguard of fans waiting for the next instalment of the Star Wars series will be devastated to hear that the film will not be released this year

Behind Lord Of The Rings

There is a small glimpse of the film’s secrets at the London Science Museum, but is it enough for hardened fans?
Where: London Science Museum (South Kensington Tube)
When: Now, Until 11th January 2004
Price: £6.95 (Student) + £1.00 online booking fee