Alex Forsyth

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I would like to borrow a Muslim

A new kind of Library has opened, where instead of books you can borrow a Muslim – or a single father, or a transvestite, for a chat. Alex Forsyth volunteers to be lent as a ‘book’, and asks whether this concept can really help break down stereotypes

Hands that build, hands that fight

Alex Forsyth takes a wrong turn in Beirut and ends up at the very heart of Hizbollah

Time for fundamental change in Turkey

Since their landslide victory in June, Turkey’s Islamist Justice and Development Party has increased in power and confidence

Addicted To Misery

Alex Forsyth investigates the new genre of harrowing real life stories currently making the bestseller list

Iran: a land of contradictions

The Middle East is often presented in the western media as a frightening dystopia. Alex Forsyth travels around the region and discovers a surprisingly different reality