Alex Davenport

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Irish Elections ’16: The end for Kenny?

With Ireland’s Labour all but wiped out, Enda Kenny faces tough choices in forming the next coalition government, Alex Davenport reports

Predictions: The year of the first female President

Alex Davenport sticks his neck and predicts that for all of Donald Trump’s sound and fury, Hillary Clinton ought to finish the year as the next President of the United States

Farron victory spells new dawn for Lib Dems

Tim Farron, the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, has been elected as the new leader of the Liberal Democrats by…

The Leadership Game

Faced with the seemingly daunting tasks of restoring its economic credibility and regaining working class voters lost to UKIP, Alex…

Can Hillary Make History?

“I’m running for President. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion.” This single tweet of…

General Election Night 2015 Live

The Nouse Politics team follow the events of 2015 General Election live

Leaders’ debates suggest another hung Parliament

As the Queen dissolved Parliament on March 30th, starting a gruelling and bitterly-fought election campaign, the polls were in agreement…

Is honesty David Cameron’s best policy?

Whilst David Cameron’s unexpected announcement that he will not run for a third term of office is remarkably honest, it…