Alberto Furlan

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Survey finds 52% of York students have no affiliation to a political party

Over 200 individuals were polled by Nouse last week, with the intention of discovering student attitudes towards political issues, at a time of heightened interest in national politics due to local elections

Harsher treatment for anti-social youths says Smith

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith stated last week that antisocial youths who misbehave and intimidate others should be “harassed themselves” and treated strictly as possible by police

Drop-out rates high after five-year effort

Despite £800 million in government funding, the proportion of students dropping out of higher education is stationary at 22%

Politics’s blog

No one has taken the time to fully define the context of the Sharia debate

Library budget cut for second time in two years

The JB Morrell Library is facing a second round of budget cuts in two years

Michael Clayton

The first reaction this movie inspired in me was utter, sadistic glee. “Finally,” I thought, “I can write a scathing, sarcastic review for a pretentious, over-hyped movie that takes itself far too seriously.”

New study which reveals low work-loads in British universities leaves students questioning their degrees

Welcome, freshers, to what might well be one of the universities with the smallest workloads in Europe, according to a recently published study

Burma and the ‘new journalism’

Albi Furlan examines the rise of new, demotic media in response to the recent Burmese Saffron Revolution

Sheffield 34-12 York

York Rugby Union team suffered an unfortunate 34-12 defeat to Sheffield University after a dogged display in their first match of the new season

‘Groundbreaking’ G8 summit labelled ‘farce’ by campaigners

The G8 summit, held two weeks ago in Heiligendamm, Germany, was heralded as ‘groundbreaking’ by world leaders, but the reality, while not hopeless, is not quite this revolutionary

York politics professor condemns Gaza violence

Professor Haleh Afshar, OBE, politics lecturer at York, has called developments in the Gaza strip “atrocious”



Director: David Fincher
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey JR.
Runtime: 158 min

David Fincher’s new movie, Zodiac, is one about obsession and deceit, displayed on many levels and driven through the director’s extreme attention to even the most minute detail