Alastair Ellerington

Business Editor (2013/14)

Alastair has written 14 articles for Nouse

The north-east: England’s Detroit?

Is the North-East England’s Detroit? Alastair Ellerington investigates

Budget 2014: What happened

What was said in the 2014 Spring Budget

The billion-pound York industry?

York’s tourism is breaking records, but can it be worth £1billion? Editor Alastair Ellerington investigates

Festive advertising arrives

Alastair Ellerington looks at the hype over festive adverts

Smart watches hit the big time

A quiet revolution is taking place in the world of smartphones, in the form of a long-sought after ‘holy grail’…

Twitter IPO – a success?

Twitter will become the latest social networking website to go public, as it announced a filing for an IPO expected…

The Royal Baby Boost

Alastair Ellerington examines the boom in business opportunities set to arise from the royal birth

Red hot ice cream price

Alastair Ellerington analyses the possible causes behind the shocking rise in ice cream prices

Supply fears fuel surge in UK gas prices

Alastair Ellerington reports on the implications of rising gas price on the British economy

Horsemeat cultural backlash

Can firms ever recover from the horsemeat scandal?

A Grand Départ for Yorkshire

The decision to stage the opening two stages of the ‘Tour de France’ in Yorkshire has many possible benefits, as Alastair Ellerington reports

Luck of the Irish

It’s almost 10 years since the day that a bomb exploded in the centre of Enniskellen in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. No-one was hurt, but the shock still remains due to its proximity to the location of the Remembrance Day bombing of 1987, when a Provisional IRA bomb killed twelve