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Deputy Film Editor (2010/11)

Adrian has written 25 articles for Nouse

The Human Centipede II

This month the BBFC refused to certify a film for commercial release in the UK. Adrian Choa looks at what the fuss is all about


The lives of the “beat generation” writers of the 50s were filled with quirkiness, rebellion, and ‘obscenity’; be it drug culture, sexual freedom or murder scandals, this wave of writers were certainly not living a vanilla lifestyle

Brighton Rock

This month has seen the release of the much anticipated remake of the Graham Greene novel adaptation, Brighton Rock. Greene’s tale of violence and love in late 1930s Brighton is here retold in a swinging sixties setting, showcasing such British talent as Helen Mirren, John Hurt and Andy Serkis. What could possibly go wrong?

This is what dreams are made of

Film Noir is back. Adrian Choa explores the evolution of the elusive form

Cinema is dead. Long live cinema!

The rise of 3D: Adrian Choa explores its implications for the future of film

Love and Other Drugs

A redefinition of the rom-com? The flag-bearer of a new dynasty of film, nay, a new genre? No. But is it even trying to do such things? Yes. So let’s analyse the facts


The ever shifting currents of cinema have, of late, been moving into extraterrestrial territories. In the upcoming months we will be treated to the likes of Battle: Los Angeles, Monsters and Paul. So how does Skyline fare as one of the initial waves of such invasion narrative?


Unless you have accidentally stumbled into the wrong screen, it is more than likely that you know what you’re getting when you step into Machete

Woodstock success raises £2,500

Last Saturday Vanbrugh Paradise was host to RAG’s annual Woodstock event

Moving on up from next year’s housemates

What I’m driving at here is that at the University of York, we simply organise housing too early. It seems to me that in the first few months of habitation in these hallowed halls it is impossible to grasp the character development of your ‘friends’ necessary for a year’s worth of co-occupancy

LGBT Officers defend criticised gender neutral toilets motion

A controversial motion for the provision of gender neutral toilets on campus has been passed at a UGM meeting last week

Appeal for Claudia Lawrence information turns international

An appeal for information relating to the disappearance of missing chef Claudia Lawrence is to be broadcast on Italian television