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John Grogan scrapes by in Selby

Labour MP John Grogan was narrowly returned to Parliament for the University of York’s Selby constituency last week after a gruelling nine hour count. His win brought pledges to continue his connection with the University, placing particular emphasis on a wish to tackle the issue of student safety

Controversial new terror laws

After the September 11th attacks in 2001 the UK government pushed through anti-terror legislation in the form of the Anti-Terrorism, Crime & Security Act (ATCSA). Some critical commentators have argued that this was a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived threat

Handover of sovereignty?

As rifts heal at the UN, Adam Roney asks whether Iraq will have true sovereignty after handover

Neutralising Bush’s electoral threat

Although Bush never made WMDs central to his case for war, his new inquiry will bury any difficult

Terminator 4: Saving California

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