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Prince Charles threatens Monarchy’s future

A history essay I wrote in the first year of my degree considered whether monarchy in Medieval and Early Modern…

Vision’s Eton Mess highlights all the worst aspects of student journalism

It all suggests that the journalists who wrote this article were looking for the story, looking for any excuse to link back a complicated set of events to issues of snobbery and race

A tragedy for Britain and Syria, inflicted by our own parliament

Adam Seldon bemoans Parliament’s unwillingness to take action over Syria

The New Atheists have failed. Religion is a myth, but it’s here to stay.

They abhor fundamentalism, rightly, yet fail to notice their own fundamentalist belief in the utopian power of science and reason

Television talent shows are the modern-day Amphitheatre

What is troubling about talent shows of this ilk is that like the amphitheatre, these shows and their audience are content with exploiting individuals to provide entertainment

Do the private lives of politicians matter?

Boris Johnson and Chris Huhne have both had very public personal lives but the difference this makes to their politics is uncertain

Anthony Seldon: Politics, Education, Happiness

Nouse Events hosted commentator, author and headmaster Anthony Seldon on Friday for the first talk of this term

Take a gap year, yah?

Gap year bashing is a perennially popular past time, the topic of such comic sensations as the infamous ‘Gap Yah’…

Do universities have an obligation to our well-being?

Academic education should be and will continue to be the main focus, but academia and well-being needn’t be cut off from each other; well-being invigorates academic study

Good Feminism, bad Feminism

The campus has recently witnessed two bouts of noticeable feminist expression. The first one is the ‘One Billion Rising’ movement,…

Review: God of Carnage

The Drama Barn’s latest offering, God of Carnage, witnesses the unravelling of middle class social etiquette in an argument between two couples. Adam Seldon reviews

Accommodation process needs to change

Despite the fact of housing being on the agenda for a while, the university is inexplicably unwilling to recognise this. Instead, it places veneration in its own ‘private sector accommodation list’. This list, not released until February 1st, lists those agencies that have signed up to the University’s Code of Best Practice