Adam Koper

Gaming Editor (2015/16)

Adam has written 54 articles for Nouse

Game Review: OmniBus

In which you steer a bus. Adam Koper reviews

The Indie Purge

The Gaming team empties their inbox – with style

Game Preview: Worms WMD

Adam Koper takes a look at the latest title in Wakefield’s very own turn-based strategy series

Top 5 games of EGX Rezzed 2016

Adam Koper and Naveen Morris give the reveal their favourite games from this year’s show

EGX Rezzed 2016: Leftfield Collection

The Leftfield Collection is a small room filled with the most experimental, weird, and often, wonderful, games of EGX Rezzed,…

Game Review: Firewatch

Adam Koper goes for a stroll in the woods, with this hot new release

Tennis For Two: The World’s First Video Game?

Adam Koper explores “the grandfather of gaming”

Game jamming returns to York

The Ron Cooke Hub played host to the Global Game Jam 2016

Dead and Buried: DVD Games

Adam Koper delves into the forgotten world of DVD games

NOUSE Games of the Year 2015

Time has officially passed! It’s a New Year, with new opportunities. And while others get settled into their resolutions (personally,…

Subjective Assessment: The Political Machine 2016

Making gaming great again

The Bolivarian Revolution cracks

The Venezuelan opposition has won a supermajority in the country’s parliament, in a heavy blow to the ruling United Socialist Party