Adam Highland

Adam has written 17 articles for Nouse

Is Financial Fair Play harming football?

With various big-name clubs using methods to subvert Financial Fair Play rules, Adam Highland assesses whether the scheme could be harming football

The loan system is killing football

Adam Highland examines how big clubs are exploiting the loan system, without thinking of the adverse impact on young footballers

Welfare is not a human right – Labour’s is an unworkable policy

Welfare should be seen as a privilege that can be withdrawn at any time rather than a fundamental right

Live Review: Mumford and Sons’ Summer Stampede

After closing this year’s Glastonbury Festival Mumford and his boys play a summer series entitled ‘Summer Stampede’. Adam Highland was at the newly-christened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to review

Don’t take ‘quality not quantity’ for granted

I don’t think an extra lecture or a second weekly seminar is of much benefit because it inevitably comes at the expense of reading time

One promise Cameron won’t break

The government last week suggested that some rich pensioners should hand back their benefits. Adam Highland looks at whether the wealthy elderly should keep their welfare payments

Albums on my Shelf: Foo Fighters – There is Nothing Left to Lose

Continuing on with our Albums on my Shelf series, Adam Highland explores the hidden gem in the Foo Fighter’s portfolio

Career Politicians – a positive spin

Adam Highland examines the potential benefits that career politicians can bring to a government

A Round of Applause for Radio 2

Adam Highland takes an opportunity to reflect of Radio 2’s recent ‘greatest albums’ countdown. It’s sure to surprise you

The Playlist: Distinctive Drums

Some songs are instantly recognisable from the sound of wood striking drum skin within seconds of the tune beginning. Here’s our first playlist of April, courtesy of Adam Highland

Clear economic policies required

Adam Highland assesses whether the main parties are offering coherent and appealing economic policies

The press must retain its freedom

The press has not received favourable coverage of late. The Leveson report laid bare the extent of the appalling incursions into the private lives of celebrities and crime victims, as well as the cosy relations between the press, ministers and the police