Abdullah Hussain

Deputy Music Editor
Gaming Editor (2017/18)

Abdullah has written 5 articles for Nouse

The first esport degree arrives in the UK

Rebecca Cowie and Abdullah Hussain discuss Staffordshire University’s introduction of an esports degree

Rap Devil vs Killshot: Who won?

Abdullah Hussain takes a look at a recent feud in the rap world, and the quality of the diss tracks it’s given us

The summer of Kanye

Abdullah Hussain takes you through the best track from each new album involving Kanye West this summer

Ninja, Fortnite, Dele Alli, and Drake

Abdullah Hussain investigates the significance of Fortnite streamer Ninja breaking Twitch viewer records again

Super Smash Bros: Grand Smash Tournament

Abdullah Hussain experiences his first e-Sports event at York