University of York students and staff are donating funds to Palestinian alumnus and his family so they can escape Gaza


York's Palestinian Society (PalSoc) give the majority of its society funds to support Fadi Hania and his family in accessing Egyptian visas.

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Image by GoFundMe: Fadi Hania

By Nadia Sayed

The University of York’s Palestinian Society (PalSoc) is raising awareness in support of Fadi Hania and his family who are currently facing dire circumstances in Gaza. Fadi, a Palestinian citizen and former MSC student in Software Engineering based in the Computer Science department at the University of York (2012) has expressed the need for urgent assistance to escape the violence in Gaza.

In an Instagram post, the Palestinian Society revealed that Fadi and his wife are parents to five children: Osmma (13), Omar (8), Abdelraham (4), Khadija (3), and Yousef (11), who was born at York Hospital. Tragically, their home was destroyed, leaving the family in desperate need of food and shelter in Gaza. Recently, Fadi and his family have resorted to living in a small 4x4 tent in Rafah – something they have been doing for five weeks, as conditions worsen.

However, University of York students remain optimistic that Fadi and his family can evacuate safely with donations through the GoFundMe link and support from the University. The society is urging the University to lend its support to their cause.

PalSoc contributed the majority of its society funds ($350 equivalent to £300.14) to support the York alumnus, aiming to assist Fadi and his family in obtaining Egyptian visas – necessary for them to find refuge in a safer environment.

This call to action has garnered support from various societies at the University of York, including Amnesty Society York, the Norman Rea Gallery, York Polsoc (York’s Political Society), BASYork (British Asian Society), UoY World Cinema, and Lit Soc, among others.

Palsoc told Nouse: “We will continue to support Fadi's GoFundMe campaign until he reaches his target and can seek refuge.

“We are proud of our student/staff community at the University of York, who have donated directly through Fadi's GoFundMe. Over 200 donations have been made since we posted about Fadi on Tuesday [2 April 2024].

Finally, Palsoc stated: “We call on the University as a university for Public Good and a university of Sanctuary to donate generously to Fadi's GoFundMe to help Fadi and his family to immediate safety. Fadi is a University of York alumni and we must support him as he seeks refuge from Israel's genocidal campaign in Gaza. We require urgent action now”.

Students and staff at the University of York can continue supporting Fadi and his family by donating to his GoFundMe here.