Transport in York: The Essentials to finding your way around


Lydia Chowdhury (she/her) explains how students can navigate university and the city

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Image by Ellen Morris

By Lydia Chowdhury

Searching for transport information can be overwhelming, let alone actually trying to figure out which bus to get in the bustle and sweaty craze of Freshers Week. So, here is a breakdown of the essential bus and transportation at your disposal so that you can arrive at college events, lectures and socials on time.

Before getting into the bus timetables, which will be detailed below, here is some extra advice on getting around on campus. Download the ‘MyUoY’ app, and here you will find a campus map where you can type in a room number, and it will highlight it. Once you log in, you will also find your student ID barcode, which is helpful for getting into the library when you have forgotten your physical ID (or if you are too lazy to get it out). Some of the direction posts on Campus West can be a bit confusing, so the ‘MyUoY’ app may save you.

Another tip - Derwent is a bit of a concrete maze. After hearing the phrase “just follow the path” as a fresher, I felt like I wanted to scream. Just schedule a bit of time ahead to get through it, and you will be able to walk through it blindfolded before long.

Do not always rely on Google Maps for getting around campus, as it is a bit dated. I found myself following directions into Campus West for Goodricke College (which is on CampusEast).

These tips will help with walking and cycling. For rough estimates on how long it will take to get from Point A to Point B, the University of York website, under ‘Transport, Maps and Parking has a handy little inter-campus travel guide you can look at.

As for buses, there are two free buses running between campuses: the C1 and C2. The bus driver may ask to see your student ID, so try to have it handy whilst travelling.

On weekdays, the C1 bus runs a circular route. It begins at York Sport Village before heading past Heslington Hall, going into Hali-fax College, moving onto the Student Centre(by James College), then going back past Hes-lington Hall and into York Sport Village again. The C1 bus runs every half hour, starting at 7:57 am in York Sport Village. The last bus departs at 21:42pm.

On weekdays, the C2 also starts at YorkSport Village but runs through Campus West, turning back around at Wentworth Way (back through Campus West to York Sport Village). This service also runs every half hour, with the first bus of the day leaving York Sport Village at 8:45 am, and the last bus departing at 16:50 pm. On weekends, the C2 is the only free cam-pus bus that will run. It will run every half hour from 8:45am to 20:45 pm.

As confusing as this may seem, you do not have to memorise this! All the information will be on the First Bus App, which I highly recommend you download (it is free to install). You will find bus routes and live trackers of buses on the app – though these are not always completely accurate! On top of this, with the First Bus App lets you buy tickets beforehand and student ticket bundles for other buses you will probably need, such as the 66 and 67.

Speaking of the 66 and 67, there are three other buses running through campus (you will have to pay for these): the 6 bus, the 66 bus and the 67 bus.
You’ll need the 66 and 67to get from the train station into the Univer-sity and back again, as well as into town. They take slightly varied routes through York but go along the same route through campus - you will be able to see this on the First Bus York website and on the app. The 6 bus starts at CampusEast Interchange running through Osbaldwick, Tang Hall, York City Centre, before going onto Clifton Moor. You probably won’t need this busif you are living on campus, though it may come in handy in your second or third year.

On the First Bus app, if you choose the student travel option, you can get a pack of tickets (for the 66 services) for £13 or a pack of twenty for £26. This is a lot cheaper than paying for individual tickets (£2). The ticket bundles are stored in the app for use when ever you need to head into town or go to the station.

If, after reading this, reading the bus times, the prospect of paying for Ubers every night out feels slightly sickening, don’t worry! There is a clubber’s bus, the CB1,that runs throughout the night, delivering you back to campus. This leaves at Rougier Street every 40 minutes from 2:10am to 4:10 am.This is about all you need to know to get through Freshers Week and beyond - don’t worry if you are ever late to begin with but this breakdown should help you initially. For more information on the University’s bus services, see the University’s web page dedicated to transport.