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Gracie Daw (she/her) and Hannah Boyle (she/her) say thank you

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By Gracie Daw and Hannah Boyle

Welcome to Nouse#504. It has officially been a year since we were elected into our positions, and now we are on our last edition of the year! This edition has been a long work in pro-gress (yes, we did start planning this in February) and we really hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.

This edition is a great one: with Ethan’s thoughts about Just Stop Oil and Sonny’s musings on the recent Schofield Scandal, Comment has some great takes for you. Business talks about the issues of the failed Microsoft merger, Politics assesses the impact of the Turkish elections, while Science looks at the dangers facing bird species. If you missed any of the annual sports awards ceremonies, look no further because Sport has all the latest round ups for you. If you’re looking for your arts and cultures fix, head over to MUSE for all the best coverage.

We came into this year with an idea to make Nouse so much more than a media group – we wanted to make it a community, a social net-work, and a safe space. With the hard work of our senior team, our editors, and our behind the scenes roles, we have achieved that goal. From our first welcome events to the Student Publication Association Awards, we have loved every second, and we hope you have to.

This year has been a bumper one for student media, and we are so proud of what we have achieved. From covering the disappearance and death of Long Boi (we still can’t believe this really happened), to photographing the RAG x E&E fashion show, we have covered the best of campus news. A major achievement and a first for print media was a completely online Roses 2023 where we covered over 80 fixtures and published 100 articles, with over 1450 live blog posts. From rowing to octopush, this year was the biggest Roses coverage we have ever done, thanks to the help of our great correspondents.

Nouse has been so much more than a hobby. Student media is massively important, and should be prioritised to showcase student talent, but also to hold institutions accountable. Our front page this time around is an example of this, and we are immensely proud that students trust us with their stories. Nouse will always have students at our centre – both because we are completely run by student volunteers, and because we prioritise the stories of those on campus.

We couldn’t have achieved all of this alone: we would like to say a special thank you to Hannah, our amazing Administration Director, who has handled our panicked calls, texts, and emails at all hours of the day. Without her, the paper simply would not function.

The second special thanks must go to Katy and Charis, who have run MUSE this year and it has been stunning from start to finish. They have worked incredibly hard and we would like to say a huge thank you for all their dedication and sup-port over the past year. A massive thank you to Omar and Guiseppe, our technical team, who have single-handedly rebuilt our entire website (head over to www.nouse.co.uk to have a look!), and Raffy, our Chief Sub-Editor, who has dedicated so much time to reading every single article we have published this year. We could not have done anything without our section editors and their deputies, for making their sections the best they can be. Nouse is a great space for covering everything from lo-cal news to international events, from the UK Snooker Championships to NASA and space – and none of this would have been possible with-out our section editors (thank you!)If you’re reading this and you’re not sure if you want to get involved – do it.

Joining Nouse was one of the best choices we ever made, and we have never looked back. Take a jump into the unknown, and you never know, you might like it. Join us for our elections on Wednesday 21 June at 7pm in D/N/056 to get involved. And to our editorial team who are continu-ing, we really do wish you the best of luck. Being Editor and Deputy Editor has been an honour, and one of the best things we ever did at university.

Keep writing, Gracie and Hannah