UoY ranking improves


James Clay overviews the University of York's climb in rankings

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Image by Ben Jordan

By James Clay

IN PREPERATION FOR the 2024 new student intake, the Complete University Guide published its most recent league ranking of all UK universities. Taking top spot amongst all universities across Yorkshire and the Humber, the University of York is now ranked 16th nationally. It is tied with the University of Southampton.

This marks a comparative improvement for the University of York, which was ranked 20th in the Complete University Guide’s 2023 league tables. The University of York is on a gradual upwards trend from being placed below 30th in 2020. Measured by various factors, including graduate prospects, research quality, entry standards and student satisfaction, the University of York received an overall score of 78 out of a possible 100.

Although the University of York was ranked highly for its research quality, the overall score was brought down by the slightly lower entry requirements and a student satisfaction rating of 79. A student satisfaction rating of 79 means that, judged solely on this aspect, the University of York would be ranked 43rd nationally. In comparison, for research quality, it is ranked
ninth with a score of 86.

As a member of the prestigious Russell Group, the University of York has had its status reconfirmed as “a leading institution renowned for its exceptional teaching and groundbreaking research.” The Complete University Guide praised York particularly highly for its attempts to tackle global issues through its dedication towards improving local and international communities. This promotion of York by four places up the league tables makes it the highest ranked university in the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Having previously been ranked top regionally, the University of Leeds has had its position demoted from 16th nationally to 22nd. Although still third within the Yorkshire and Humber region, the University of Sheffield has gone from being placed 28th nationally to being placed 20th. The University of Lancaster, which is arguably one of York’s rivals, was ranked 10th.

Commenting on the regional universities, Professor Amanda Chetwynd, chair of the guide’s advisory, said: “The rankings show just how high the standards are among Yorkshire and the Humber’s top universities.” In regard to student demographics, the Complete UniversityGuide also showed that 56 percent of students identify as female. Furthermore, roughly a quarter of students come from outside of the UK, with four percent coming from countries in the EU.

On a subject-by-subject look at the results, the University of York is now ranked joint first with the University of Exeter in degrees related to Dance, Drama and Cinematics. The University of York also has nine other subjects ranked within the top 10, including History, English and Chemistry. The Complete University Guide is a widely used national higher education league table when prospective school students are considering which university to attend.