By Katie Stevens

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quiet my relentless mind

that begs for reassurance

my mind that hopes for endurance

and that’s scared of disappearance

my mind that’s longing for sureness

and something sweet and pure as

all my dreams of perseverance

muddled by incoherence

speak slowly and talk surely

remind me so maturely

make me feel loved so securely

and adored so goddamn purely

wrap your arms around me

so warm, so tight, so calm

make me feel special

and protect me from my harm

sing to me softly

so beautiful, so sweet

calm me down and help me

and while I sleep, stroke my cheek

hold me close against you

whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear

while I hope and I pray

that we never disappear

you do it all so easily

so selflessly

so gorgeously

there will never be enough

just the rest of me

and all of me