YUSU By-Election results


Meely Doherty elected Academic Officer

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Image by Ben Jordan

By Gracie Daw

A by-election which saw a considerable number of open roles has seen eight students, or duos elected to fill a series of positions within YUSU.

The sabbatical role, Academic Officer, was up for election after Deb Dey resigned from the role in March 2023 after securing a job outside of YUSU. Three candidates, Meely Doherty, Harvey Nolan and Jen all ran for the role, with Meely securing the job. Meely received 53 percent of the vote, securing the role without second choice votes needing to be counted. Havey and Jen secured 26 percent and 19 percent of the vote respectively.

Jade Hudsan-Hicks has been elected Disabled Students’ Officer after winning 54 percent of the vote. Woody and Claire were elected Environment and Ethics Officers after winning 57 percent of the vote.

Running unopposed, Danielle Purvis has been elected Mature Students’ Officer, Ellen Rintoul has been re-elected as Raising and Giving Officer and Hugh Baker-Lomas has been elected Working Class and Social Mobility Officer. James Clay has been elected as the Arts and Humanities Faculty Rep and Samira Tasneem has been elected as a Student Trustee.

A total of 1774 votes were cast in the election, with 410 unique voters meaning there was a very low turnout of students.