York wins Women’s Handball


York adds four points to their tally on Roses day two

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Image by Chris Stapleton

By Chris Stapleton

At 17:30, the women’s handball match got off to an explosive start with two goals, one after the other, scored by York. Just one minute later, Lancaster retaliated with a goal of their own, followed by York again who brought the score to 3-1 in their favour.

The game continued to move at a lightning-fast pace, as the second minute brought in a tremendous second goal for Lancaster, immediately followed up by a fourth goal for York. At 17:34 York earned a penalty against Lancaster, which missed.

However, the missed penalty did not set York back for long as they speedily threw home a fifth goal, to which Lancaster responded with a goal of their own. At 17:40, York swiftly recovered from Lancaster’s goal, scoring two goals which took the game to 7-3 in their favour.

Following York’s seventh goal, the crowd went wild, Lancaster and York spectators having a chant off in the seating. 17:44 sees both York and Lancaster score a goal each, before the game loses energy for a few minutes.

At 17:52, York raced back into action with a 10-4 score, followed by a Lancaster goal making 10-5, and then 10-6. At 17:55, speculation is present in the air as Lancaster begins to gain on York with a 10-7 score, however York pushes forward swiftly with a goal of their own.

At 18:08 the second half of the game begins, York proceeds to continuously widen the gap in score between Lancaster and themselves with a goal right out of the gate. Lancaster, however, remains resilient, countering with a goal of their own which brings the match to 12-8.

At 18:11 York scores their 13th goal, going back and forth with Lancaster until the score rests at 14-9. At 18:14, Lancaster pushes forward now with 10 goals, gradually gaining on York, however York reply by attaining two goals of their own.

In the 10 minute space between 18:22 and 18:32, Lancaster’s team began to tire, leaving room for York to knock in multiple goals taking them to 19-10, cementing their lead.

By 18:34 York maintains a clearly dominant possession of the ball, which is eventually taken by Lancaster. Although Lancaster’s first short misses, their second finds home in York’s net bringing their goals up to 11.

At 18:39, York saves a prospective 12th goal from Lancaster, knocking in two final goals themselves, securing a win at 21-11. As the game ends, both York and Lancaster are embraced by their crowds and respective men’s teams, who celebrate their performances.